Alpha Descaler : Environmentally Safe Industrial Solution

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Pipe with scale buildup, fouling, calcium deposit and water scale.


Pipe After Alpha Descaler solution used showing scale removed, cleaned and descaled. No deposit or fouling.


Safe to use and Environmentally Friendly Alpha Descaler and Alpha Descaler FG can remove scale buildup in your heat exchangers, boilers and other water cooled, water heated and water-operated equipment. Alpha Descaler FG and Alpha Descaler FG Extra Strength also can be used as a boiler treatment to prevent the buildup on calcium and magnesium deposits by controlling the PH and preventing hard water.

Our Descaling solution is a safe and environmentally safe solution for applications such as cooling tower maintenance and much more. Alpha Descaling solution dissolves water scale, lime, mud and rust. This treatment will keep the water soft and prevent scale build up from hard water. Alpha Descaler is great for industries including Food Processing, Bottling (bottle washers need to be descaled), Plastics (injection molding, extrusion), Marine (ship CAC systems, water cooled small engines), Steel processing, Oil and gas refineries, HVAC and many more. Full list of industries that can use Alpha Descaler below. Here is a full list of all the applications for our descaling solution.


Hydrochloric, Phosphoric, Sulfonic
and Other Mineral ACIDS


to Skin, Eye and Metals



Pipe before treatment showing scale buildup, fouling, calcium deposit and water scale.


Pipe After Alpha Descaler solution used showing that it is descaled. No deposit or fouling.


Chart showing the ph level, dissolve rate and corrosion rate of alpha descaler FG compared to other chemicals like Hydrochloric, Urea HCL, Sufuric, Glycolic, and Phosphoric
*Percent calcium, carbonate dissolved with 3 minute exposure. ALPHA descaler FG contains no Urea Hcl, oganic salts or additional acids.
**Tests were done on 1020 Carbon Steel. Non-D.O.T. Regulated/Non-D.O.T. Hazardous EXEMPT as per 49 CFR 173.154(d) (1) <6.25 mmpy.
D. O. T. classifies a material to be corrosive and hazardous if it has a corrosion rate that exceeds 6.25 mmpy on SAE C1020 carbon steel or 7075-Y6 Aluminum.


100% Biodegradable in 10 days. Safe to the environment.​



Won’t harm workers when used as directed. Considered non-fuming, and non-corrosive to personnel and to materials. Non-toxic.



Comparing all costs to other products and cleaning options and shipping/handling and disposal costs due to personnel and environmental safety. Considered non-hazardous to ship and no hazard signs necessary.​



Equipment is cleaned in a few hours due to consistent descaling action and extremely low foaming.