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A: Yes. While classified as an irritant it is non toxic. Ask the same question to an HCl based products they typically try to justify safety because the concentration of HCl is less than 10% and that it’s only one element of their overall formula and blending process offering some “balance” of safety, biodegradability and effectiveness. In plain English – no specific yes or no answer. Similarly for eye contact. Alpha Descaler and Alpha Descaler FG are classified as an eye irritant. Any formulation with HCl will be damaging to the eyes.

A: Yes. The products do NOT contain HCL which may cause hydrogen embrittlement and/or stress corrosion cracking in stainless steel. ANY formulation that contains HCl, should be concerned about such effects on stainless steel. If there is a claim that there is no need to worry about hydrogen embrittlement with an HCl based product, the supplier should be asked to prove it. The usual answer such a supplier would give is something like “when used properly their unique product will not corrode stainless steel or virtually any metal or material associated with water-based equipment.” Again, not a real answer.

A: Both products are powerful and concentrated descalers. Depending on the application, severity of buildup and available time, either product can be diluted down to 25% or less while still maintaining its full effectiveness. To find out the proper dilution ratio for your specific application(s), please Contact Us.

A: Though most cleaning applications can be completed within a few hours, actual cleaning time depends on a wide range of factors. These include the size of the equipment or system, amount scale buildup in the system and the method of circulation. Contact Us for an evaluation of your application to determine the proper amount and circulation method to use.

A: In addition to experiencing improved performance, you can perform either a calcium carbonate spot test or pH test. These tests are explained in detail in Testing the Effectiveness of Alpha Descaler information sheet.

A: You can put all inhibited HCL products in the palm of your hand – for some time. If you have thick skin (literally) you can even rinse your hands in inhibited HCl for awhile. But guaranteed you will wash your hands thoroughly soon after. Guaranteed you will also NOT rinse your hands with inhibited HCl and then rub your eyes. That is because IT IS NOT SAFE. Inhibited HCL reduces corrosion, but it is STILL corrosive to personnel AND to equipment and any claims to the contrary should be challenged. Alpha Descaler and Alpha Descaler FG is by definition and government approval not corrosive – period. Your personnel and facility are safe in the unfortunate event of an accident, such as a spill or equipment failure combined with the fact that the materials can be washed full strength even into an open lake, not just a sewage treatment facility. When HCL based product suppliers claim safety – have them prove it.

A: Yes! Alpha Descaler FG is NSF/ANSI Standard 60-certified, meaning it is approved as a safe drinking water treatment chemical and even usable for food contact. It is also NSF-registered for use in industries such as beverage, pharmaceutical, bottling and food processing plants. Ask yourself – do you really want hydrochloric acid contacting your food? If any HCL formulation has NSF 60 approval check the restrictions.

A: Yes, you can buy at our Online Store. The shipping options are “Ship to US or Canada” and “Customer Pickup”

A: Alpha Descaler and Alpha Descaler FG Ships to Continental USA and Canada.
Customer can arrange the pickup to one of our warehouses locations:
For USA shipments the address is:
c/w Diachem, 3258 Marentette Ave., Windsor, ON, N8X 4G4 (custom’s clearance repaid)
For Canadian shipments the address is:
c/o EH Pope Ltd., 394 Deerhurst Drive, Brampton, ON, L6T 5H9

***We only ship the products in 5 Gallon containers and 55 Gallon Drums. For 275 Gallon and 330 Gallon totes, the customer can arrange the pickup to our warehouse locations specify above.


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