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Why switch from Rydlyme, ScaleBreak, NCH, Triple 7, Lime-a-way, CLR, Scalebuster, D Scale, Dynamic Descaler and all the others…

There is nothing wrong with the above products but Alpha Descaler just happens to be a new alternative and we are willing to let you try this risk free.

1. Non Fuming –  All Alpha Descaler versions are non-fuming making it much more safe for personnel.  Fumes, especially for old technology products that are HCl based can be harmful when inhaled and especially hazardous when used in a confined space.

2. Extremely low foaming and consistent in action – Old technology inorganic acid whether HCl pr phosphoric based products and even some traditional organic acids can be made to produce lower foaming action but they still generate much more foam in the descaling process.  More importantly, traditional acid formulations start out with fast descaling activity and then slow down as the process continues.   All Alpha Descaler versions are extremely low foaming and remain consistent in the rate of descaling activity throughout the descaling process and will achieve cleaning as fast as the fastest traditional alternative. The Extra Strength versions typically will clean 15% faster than traditional
acid formulations.

3. Less Costly to Receive –  All Alpha Descaler products are truly non-toxic and meet a transportation regulations to ship as a non-hazardous product including overseas shipments.  There is no UN number.    Shipping cost can be a huge portion of overall cost of any materials classified as hazardous.  While some inorganic mixtures of Hcl especially may claim non-hazard the claim may be dubious and care should be taken in this regard should any shipment be inspected.

4. Safe to the Environment – Old technology tends to be vague on product biodegradability or base their tests of diluted or already used and spent product. Alpha Descaler in all of its versions, even as it is purchased is 100% biodegradable in 10 days and therefor safe to the environment. This is especially important in high usage applications such as pipeline descaling, large tank cleaning and remote use where disposal can be more costly for traditional acids.

5. Non-corrosive to Personnel – Safety data sheets and labeling of products, when referring to corrosive information on a product actually is actually if it corrosive to personnel, in particular skin and eyes. Even inhibited acid based products using HCl, Sulphamic acid, phosphoric and other traditional acids, can be corrosive to the eyes and skim unless heavily diluted which also makes them less effective. Often you read statements as “non corrosive when used as directed”, which is more of an escape clause meaning that as long as you wear protective gloves and goggles it is not corrosive. All Alpha Descaler versions are not corrosive to skin and eyes and while they will certainly irritate, they will not burn the skin and eyes and are truly not corrosive to the skin and eyes.

6. Non-Toxic – Another statement often seen on the safety data sheets of traditional acid mixtures is the term non-toxic, again often coupled with the statement when used as directed. One indication of toxicity is the LD50 rating. By one definition, a product becomes more toxic when the LD50 rating is below 1000. Many specialty acid mixtures claim the product is non-toxic but then leave the LD50 value as “not determined”. That in itself requires questioning the value of the claim. All the Alpha Descaler version are several times higher in LD50 rating making it truly reliable in its claim of being non-toxic, and backed up by reliable, independent laboratory tests. And of course, the value is listed on the safety data sheets.

7. No Mess – Some old inhibited inorganic acid mixtures contain additives that can settle out of the mixture before, during and after use, and leave a stain in the work area due to spillage and general handling. Some of these mess creating additives are from inhibitors but could also be from other chemicals added to boost performance or inhibit foaming in same way. All Alpha Descaler versions are free of any such mess leaving additives.

8. Much lower infection Risk – Alpha descaler products are truly non-toxic but if someone has sensitive skin, it can still irritate and certainly will if the product accidentally contacts an open wound from a cut finger for example. The risk of serious infection is significantly higher from any traditional inorganic acids such as HCl when the product is inhibited or not, when compared to the truly non-toxic Alpha Descaler formulae.

9. No Effect on Nearby Items or Personnel From an Open Container – If you have ever left open a container of old technology inhibited acids, especially hydrochloric acid based products, and had some tools nearby overnight, it is not uncommon to find some rust on those items the next morning. This is because even when not used, there is some fuming and the corrosive effect from these fumes still takes place, even when the product is not being used. In addition, you may also be exposed and breathing these fumes when working near such an open container. Alpha Descaler products by their very nature and design are non-fuming and will not cause such issues.

10. Non-corrosive to All Materials – All Alpha Descaler versions have an incredibly low corrosion rate and can be considered non-corrosive to most materials utilized in water-cooled, water-heated, and water-operated equipment.  A corrosion test report compared to some common inhibited acid products is available on the web site.  This is extremely important as some inhibited HCl products claim safety in use on stainless steel when in fact, it can cause long term problems.  But all Alpha Descaler products are safe to use on stainless steel.  Some alternative acids used to clean stainless steel use phosphoric acid.  The problem is that Many stainless steel heat exchanges may have copper braising which can be negatively and aggressively affected by phosphoric acid.  Alpha Descaler does not have these aggressive affects and safe to use on stainless and copper.

11. Safe on Sealing Materials –  Many old style inorganic acids can affect sealing materials such a rubber, viton, neoprene and others used in gaskets by causing them to swell, harden, or crack and cause other potential problems as a result.  All Alpha Descaler product are safe to use on seal materials normally found in heat exchangers and other water operated, heated and cooled equipment.

12. Marine Safe – All Alpha Descaler products are marines safe and can usually be disposed of after use even in lakes and ponds after getting local approvals wherein the requirement is usually assuring the PH reaches a certain level.  Most old technology acids must have the product disposed of in sewage treatment facilities or be taken away after use by hazardous material handlers.  Traditional acids may also contain dissolved metals, not always checked for, that can cause problems if the used material is ever tested.  With Alpha Descaler the corrosion rates are negligible and the likelihood of unacceptable dissolved metals is extremely remote.