Non-Fuming for Safety in Use

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Alpha Descaler non fuming industrial descaler

Alpha Descaler and Alpha Descaler FG are non-fuming. This is very important for safety reasons, especially compared to the alternatives below:

The most common chemical used for descaling is hydrochloric acid HCl based. Despite claims to the contrary HCl (claims tend to claim safety when used as directed which can mean a lot of things!) and HCl based descaler will give off fumes and these fumes are harmful, even if the product is inhibited. HCl is a common ingredient due to low cost and high effectiveness for descaling. However, fumes given off by the reaction is definitely a danger, especially in areas that are not well ventilated. The damage to eyes, tissue both inside and outside the be can be serious for even a short time of exposure.

Sulphamic acid is another chemical used in formulations for descaling. It is not as strong or as low in cost as hydrochloric acid, but it does create fumes which can be damaging to both eyes and tissue. This produces toxic and corrosive fumes including nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides.

Phosphoric acid can be very dangerous in the case of skin contact, eye contact, and ingestion. It can also cause irritation if vapors are inhaled. This chemical can cause damage to the skin, eyes, mouth, and respiratory tract.

When citric acid I used for descaling, the formulations are generally quite expensive and slow to react. Still, in general it is much safer to handle than HCl, sulphamic or phosphoric. But, just like these acids, it does produce fumes. Breathing in citric acid can cause respiratory symptoms, such as a cough, shortness of breath, and a sore throat. Contact with the eyes can result in redness and pain, and skin contact may cause redness as well. Apart from respiratory tract irritation, repeated exposure to the fumes may cause sensitization dermatitis.

Alpha Descaler and Alpha Descaler FG are safe yet functional replacement for traditional hydrochloric acid descaling and other commonly used acids while performing with high efficiency and speed in descaling. It is non-regulated by US DOT and other jurisdictions and carries a triple zero hazardous materials information system score. It biodegrades in10 days or less. Its essentially non-fuming nature enhances safety in use for personnel.


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