Descaling temperature Control Units

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Temperature controllers are small packaged heat exchangers that are used to control the temperatire in molds and common in many industies especially for injection molding an exstrusion operations.

They may be oil operated or water operated.
Alpha Descaler FG is used to remove rust and scale buildup in water operated systems.

The temeprature control unit and mold can be descaled all at once with a small amount of Alpha Descaler FG. As Alpha Descaler FG is truly non-toxic it is easy to use, non corosive so safe to the equipment and can be cleaned while assembled, and essentially non fuming and low foaming it can easily clean the small water lines in the system efficiencly and quickly.

One 20 liter (5-USgallon) pail of Alpha Descler FG can clean up to 3 units and the mold depending on the capacity and extend of the scale buildup. Alpha Descaler FG Extra Strength can descaler twice as much.

Simply hook up as beow, circulate for an hour and flush with water afterward for 15 minutes and put back into service.