Removing Scale From Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchangers

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Removing Scale From Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchangers

Removing Scale From Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchangers

Alpha Descaler enhances cleaning for stainless steel plate heat exchangers, overcoming limitations of conventional descaling methods. Composed of stainless steel with copper brazed connections and gaskets, plate heat exchangers often suffer from the use of traditional acids, which necessitate cautious application.

Hydrochloric acid solutions, while sometimes claimed to be safe, adversely affect stainless steel. Phosphoric acid is suitable for stainless steel but may damage copper brazed parts. Other acids could harm seals and gaskets. Citric acid, although safe, tends to be inefficient and costly.

Alpha Descaler and Alpha Descaler FG, in both regular and extra strength, offer considerable benefits over these traditional acids:

  1. Eco-Friendly and Harmless: Alpha Descaler, an organic compound, biodegrades fully within 10 days. Its non-toxicity, verified by LD50 toxicity tests, presents a safer alternative to other descalers.
  2. Superior Cleaning Efficiency: It operates with minimal foaming and virtually no fumes, which enhances the cleaning process by allowing better contact with scale buildup and quicker cleaning, comparable or superior to HCl.
  3. Rust Removal: Alpha Descaler removes rust deposits quickly, helping maintain the condition of stainless steel plate exchangers.
  4. Material Safety: It is harmless for seals, gaskets, copper, and stainless steel. It doesn’t attack copper brazing as phosphoric acid-based products do, and it’s non-corrosive to a range of metals, including brass, copper, and steel—unlike hydrochloric acid, it’s also safe for stainless steel.
  5. Simplified Shipping: Being non-hazardous, Alpha Descaler requires no special shipping, easing logistics compared to hazardous descalers.

Alpha Descaler stands out as the prime choice for maintaining stainless steel plate heat exchangers. It promises affordability, safe application, rapid action, and ecological sensitivity, underpinned by rigorous testing that validates its performance. This product aligns with industrial standards for effective scale removal while prioritizing user and environmental health, making it a smart, responsible investment for any operation concerned with long-term equipment maintenance and sustainability.

Removing Scale From Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchangers

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